Turkish Embassy in Nairobi

Ambassador's Message

Dear Fellow Countrymen/Countrywomen,

Dear Kenyan Friends,

I took up my post as Ambassador on 15 December 2014. Our Embassy is accredited to the Republic of Seychelles, in addition to the Republic of Kenya.

I feel privileged to serve in this region that is rising day by day as the financial, communications, logistics and tourism center of East Africa.

The relations between Turkey and Kenya have a deep-rooted historical and human background. Thanks also to the impetus of recent high-level visits, our cooperation is improving in all fields. In the year 2014, we inked a number of agreements consolidating the contractual basis of our relations.

Despite these improvements, I believe that the real potential in our relations is much bigger. In the future, our Embassy will continue its efforts to introduce new perspectives to our cooperation, counting also on the valuable inputs from you - the Turks living in Kenya and our Kenyan friends.

You are most welcome to follow our official Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect with us and to remain updated about our activities and notices.

Dear Fellow Countrymen/Countrywomen,

Taking this opportunity, let me recommend that you update regularly and without delay your contact details registered at our Embassy. This will enable us to reach you swiftly when needed.

Please always remember that you have a second home in Nairobi. Our doors are always open, and we will pay every possible effort to support you.

On behalf of my team and myself, I extend our best wishes for your health, happiness and success.  

Deniz Eke