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emerentia olocho22.08.2013

i would like to know if i can get a turkish visa from germany. i am a kenyan and i will be in germany for holidays in september, and i would also like to visit turkey towards my end of stay in germany, from 29th september. i would also like to know due to the time frame which is short, if a visa can be processed in the shortest time possible. and in case i get the visa from here, do you need the invitation letter to be original or can have it scanned and send by mail. i would like to get this information as a matter of urgency to speed up my arrangements. thank you in advance, emerentia olocho

As a matter of principle, you have to apply for Turkish visas from the country of your permanent residence and we advise you to seek information from the relevant Turkish mission. The contact details of all Turkish representations abroad can be found at the following web address: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/turkish-representations.en.mfa However, if you are a Schengen resident or a Schengen visa holder, you may qualify for an e-visa. Please see the details at the following web address: https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ Sincerely.

najma nurdin05.06.2013

assallam aleikum am najma nurdin from kenya i seeking for undergraduate scholaship from the goverment am currently a student of tomer(turkish language) and i would love to do literature english course education faculty.i would really love to help and share my knowledge to other people.my parents they are not working and they cannot afford to make my dreams please help me i would really appreciate your help please thanks waalleikum salam

Dear Najma, You can apply for scholarships from the following website: http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/index.php/en/ Regards.

mukalay wa mukalay abdon sylvestre05.06.2013

dear sir/madam, iam professor at the university of lubumbashi in democratic republic of congo. could i apply evisa to participe at a scientific congress in istanbul? i have already received my invitation to congress and my turkish airlines eticket. sincerely yours! dr abdon mukalay

Dear Dr. Sylvestre, Turkish Embassy in Nairobi is accredited to Kenya and Seychelles. For evisa enquiries please check the following website: https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ Regards.

simon juma05.06.2013

dear sir/madam hoping this message finds you well, centre of creativity productions wishes to enquire of our intention to submit a proposal to the launch of a documentary/drama followed by screening in marsabit county. this is an educational tool kit that addresses: forced abortion, early marriage and forceful eviction. proposals and copy of a dvd can be submitted upon a approval of this request. it shall be screened for educational purposes in marsabit county-nothern kenya.the launch shall however take place in nairobi. please advice on the above! special regards simon juma creative director centre of creativity productions centreofcreativityproductions@gmail.com +254 718 2

Dear Simon, Turkish Embassy in Nairobi does not have any funds for the project, mentioned in your message. Regards.

zulfa hamadi08.04.2013

how will i be able to get to study in turkey universities and if i want to get scholarship whay do i do please help me thanks

Dear Zulfa, You can check the Turkey Scholarships website for further information: http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/index.php/en/ Regards

abdi hussein27.02.2013

i am very much admired and pleased with the way turkish government is assisting somalias government. had it not been your remarkable assistance somalia would have been in a great mess today. somali people will never forget your kindness.god bless turkish government and her people.you will ever remain in the sweet memories of the somali people. thanking you in advance.

Dear Abdi, Thank you very much for your kind words.

ahmed jaamac yusuf21.02.2013

im ethiopian national student who is currently iiving in india , i finished my degree in here i would like to do my master in turkey which way is easy to me in india or my home ethiopia ? i need what ever necessary i can find my visa nstudent i need to get full information about this i wish this is enough information about me any my statements please suggets me your faithfully thanks.. by ahmed jama

Dear Ahmed, Turkish Embassy in Nairobi is accredited to Kenya and Seychelles. For your enquiries please contact either Turkish Embassy in Addis Ababa or Turkish Embassy in New Delhi. You can find the list of Turkish missions abroad on Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website: www.mfa.gov.tr Kind regards.

lindsay park23.01.2013

hi,i needed assistance from you.i got a donation from a turkish well wisher of 1,000,000 lira.i have tried to exchange it to kenyan money from most of forex centers with no success.please assist me.

Dear Lindsay, Turkish 1 million Lira banknotes are out of circulation and hence only accepted by the Central Bank of Turkey. The 1 million TL banknote is equal to approximately 0.90 USD cents. Kind regards.

fatma abdi21.01.2013

hi esteemed turkish embassy in nairobi, i would like to know the requirements for a visa to turkey and if i can get one in somalia, i want to go to turkey to study and i will decide which university to join after i reach there, i am based in mogadishu. where can i find a good affordable university, what procedures should i go through? please kindly advice me on affordable public universities that are open to admission and will be ready to assist me very soon. also kindly provide me all the information i should have for me to get a visa in mogadishu. kind regards

Dear Fatma, Regarding visa procedures applicable to Somali citizens please contact Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu. Contact details for Turkish Missions abroad can be reached via Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. For more informaion on Turkish tertiary education and a comprehensive list of universities please visit the website of Turkish Higher Education Board: https://www.yok.gov.tr/en/ Kind regards

abdullahi wethow issack03.01.2013

asalamu aleykum , after my humble greetings i will like to introduced my self to you my ambassdor am a student of high school in türkiye and am from kenya especialy the arid province of kenya and my home town is mandera . am in the last class of high school(son sinif) in my city kayseri so i woul like to continue my university in türkiye so i need your help .with that thanks

Dear Abdullahi, Congratulations on your endeavors. In order to continue your high education in Turkey, you can check the website of the Turkey Scholarships for Government funded university scholarships: http://www.trscholarships.org/en Kind regards