Büyükelçinin Özgeçmişi

Ambassador Subutay Yüksel was born in Afyonkarahisar in 1973.

He graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, International Relations Department in 1996. He had the Oxford University Certificate in Diplomatic Studies in 2007.

He started his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye in 1996. At the Ministry; he served as Attaché at Deputy Directorate General for OSCE, as Second and First Secretary at the Cabinet of the Minister, as Head of Section and Department at the Deputy Directorate General for Eastern Europe, as Head of Department and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Deputy Directorate General for Environment, Climate Change and Transboundary Waters. He served abroad; as Third Secretary at Turkish Embassy in Tashkent, as Second Secretary at Turkish Embassy in Luxembourg, as First Secretary and Counsellor at Turkish Embassy in London, as Counsellor and First Counsellor at Turkish Embassy in Moscow.

Ambassador Yüksel is married and has a son.


Subutay Yüksel Ambassador
Monday - Sunday

09:00 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 18:00

Consular Section: 09:00-12:30/14:00-18:00
1/1/2022 1/1/2022 New Year
4/15/2022 4/18/2022 Good Friday& Easter Monday
5/2/2022 5/2/2022 Labor Day
5/4/2022 5/5/2022 Eid Al-Fitr
6/1/2022 6/1/2022 Madaraka Day
7/9/2022 7/11/2022 Idd ul Adha
10/10/2022 10/10/2022 Huduma Day
10/20/2022 10/20/2022 Mashujaa Day
10/29/2022 10/29/2022 National Day of the Republic of Türkiye
12/12/2022 12/13/2022 Jamhuri Day
12/25/2022 12/27/2022 Christmas and Boxing Days